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Selling Your Home in London Ontario?

Get the professionals at Vision Network Realty Brokerage on your side.

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Vision Realty is not just another real estate brokerage. We are a team of real estate professionals who are committed to success, committed to one another and committed to our home, London Ontario.

When you choose Vision you get so much more than a sign on the lawn.

We have embraced the internet. We advertise extensively on many different websites, ensuring that we are seen where people are looking.

The internet allows us to reach more people, with better information than was ever possible with print advertising. It’s speed and reach allows our clients to have the latest information on houses that interest them the moment it is released. Ask about our VIP Buyer Service.


Top-producing agents, particularly those who are predominately buyers’ agents and represent buyers, pay close attention to Vision Realty, and like selling a home listed and represented by us, because they know every ‘i’ has been dotted, every ‘t’ crossed and that they and their buyer will have a smooth, failsafe experience working with the Vision team.


Each of Vision’s team members maintain close working relationships with different Realtors. (Even our competitors welcome the opportunity of matching one of their buyers with one of our properties, as they can be confident everything will be handled professionally. They’ll spend less time on the transaction, and their buyer will be satisfied.)


When the Vision Network Real Estate Ltd. Brokerage “pulls the trigger” on your listing, when everything is 100% “market ready”, this entire, exclusive network of agents representing, at any given moment, hundreds of buyers searching for their next home, receives information about your property.


“Working with Terry and his team made the buying and selling process great. Not only did we have access to all the homes we were interested in, but Terry set aside hours a day to show us the homes he knew would be of interest to us.

We didn’t waste time going through the process of eliminating homes we didn’t like, Terry’s Buyer Profile System did this for us. The selling of our home was worry free due to the feedback we received on a weekly basis from his team when showings occurred.” John & Jane

“We listed our home with the Terry Guest Performance Team, and not only did they sell it in record time, but for 100% of our asking price” Ken and Mary

“Vision Network Realty office has been the absolute best real estate agency I have ever dealt with. Moving as many times as I have, that is saying something. The professionalism and patience were amazing. On more than one occasion prior to handling my sale, my agent showed me real estate in the area, and never once did he apply undue pressure or make me feel like I was wasting his time. The way he handled my sale just reinforced my comfort with his work. I hope your company has the luxury of having him around for a while! I will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. “

“I can’t speak highly enough of my experience with Pamela Fletcher. I was a first time home buyer with very little knowledge about how to find the right now.  I met with several Realtors before Pamela, however, I knew instantly that she was the one for me. She is honest, hands on and really helped take the stress off of me. I never felt pressured into making and offer and when we finally located the perfect “one” and ending up in a bidding war, Pamela walked me through every step of the negotiations, even suggesting that I write a letter to the Sellers to explain why we thought they should choose me. It was an unconventional approach, but it worked and I thank Pamela for that everyday! We have several friends looking for homes and we always recommended Pamela.”


We have bought and sold eight properties with Pamela Fletcher from Vision Realty over the past several years.

Pamela’s abundant knowledge and experience is unparallell.  Her professionalism and sound solid advice, get’s the job done every time.

Pamela turns around our properties in record time, always getting us the best price and terms for our homes.

Our last property Pamela sold for us was showcased in such an outstanding and amazing way, it went for over asking price with multiple bids.

Pamela takes care of all the details of buying and selling your home and always makes what could be a daunting process, a real pleasure.

Kari Harris

I just wanted to thank David Aspinall of Vision for his professionalism during our recent offer negotiations. I didn’t know him before he contacted us about a possible offer for our house. At first, I thought it was just a ruse to get a listing, but I was wrong. Ultimately, we couldn’t agree on a price, but throughout the offer process he was very careful to be straightforward, fair and comply with ethical and legal responsibilities. I would know: I am a former real estate broker myself who specialized in working with buyers. No hesitation to recommend David. Sorry we couldn’t work out a deal!

Mark Vandermaas

I had already been considering listing my house this spring when coincidentally I received a letter a few months ago from the David Aspinall stating he had a client looking to purchase a home in my neighbourhood.

We got in touch and I agreed to show the house. After some negotiation we came to an acceptable price and closing date so they presented an offer. I brought it to my lawyer and after one minor revision I accepted. The closing isn’t until this spring but throughout the process so far the broker and client have acted in a completely ethical and transparent fashion.

Anyway, barring some unexpected change in how they do business over the next couple months (which would definitely surprise me), I would certainly recommend this broker.

 Mark Hillier

Working with Emily to purchase my first home has been a blast! She is super engaged from start to finish and puts a high priority on my needs and requests. I am nothing short of impressed with her dedication and thorough understanding of the market here in London