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We exclusively represent a Buyer who
would like to purchase a property
on your street / in your neighbourhood


  • You don’t have to spend money for repairs or updates
  • You don’t have to list with a real estate broker
  • No Open Houses to contend with
  • No Commissions to pay
  • Flexible closing date – from 14 days to 1 year out – you chose
  • You don’t have to clean your house prior to moving out
  • We even look after any of your undesired belongings or furnishings you leave behind

We will deal directly with you – this is a PRIVATE SALE.

We just need a few minutes to view your home before presenting a written CASH offer.




Terry Guest, with Vision Network Real Estate, purchased my parents’ home on Duluth Cres. It was a seamless transaction from start to finish with no home inspection or financing conditions. There was absolutely no pressure. We received the terms and price we wanted and a closing that was convenient for us. 

Alan Shephard
1903 Duluth

I decided to call Terry after receiving multiple letters stating he had a buyer interested in purchasing my home. The letter was sincere; there was a real buyer with a real cash offer. I paid absolutely zero commission and there were no hidden fees. I was able to close on a date that worked with my schedule. Terry and his team were pleasant and professional to work with. If you are thinking of selling, give Terry a call.

1883 Dumont St

We received a note from Terry Guest stating there was interest in buying our house with no commissions or additional costs. Terry assessed the house with a quick view of the inside and out.  We quickly came to a very reasonable sale price and Vision Network Real Estate purchased the house in as-is condition. They removed the hassle of having to clean and do many repairs prior to selling.  After review with our lawyer, we had a sale and were just thrilled! The process was clean and simple and made the sale so easy for us.  Terry and his team were so nice to deal with and so efficient and reasonable; it reduces our stress level greatly.  All this is secondary to their professionalism, straight forwardness, honesty and trustworthiness.  Vision Network Real Estate and their staff made the process so very easy for us to sell this house and we would full recommend them.

Martin Kazmir
1054 Oxford St

I contacted Terry Guest after receiving a letter inquiring if we would like to sell our house. I received the price I wanted and even chose the closing date to move. Zero commission. My lawyer was informed the whole way through. The process of selling my home couldn’t have been easier and I am truly grateful.

I contacted Terry Guest to sell my home after noticing a couple houses being upgraded in my neighbourhood. Terry and his team were exceptional to deal with. They arranged appointments on my schedule and always kept me in the loop right up until the closing date. Negotiations were relaxed and as the customer, I knew Terry had both of our best intentions at heart. I will be sure to give Terry a call before ever listing another home on the market.

Tom Root
21 Arcadia